Jan van goyne-contemporary wall art

Contemporary wall art- Jan van goyne's landscape was more mature in the late 1750s.
Then he looked more carefully at the river landscape of his country,Large Canvas Art with more beautiful moments in his chest.
The production of works is also relatively high, such as the scenery of the maas river in dordrecht city (Leningrad hermitage museum), the scenery of the var river (pushkin museum of plastic arts in Moscow) and other masterpieces, which

were produced during that period.
This painting of the Rhine near ertin is another masterpiece he completed in 1655.
It marked the distinct character of goyne's landscape paintings on the river.
The vast Rhine river appears in the painting with an infinite sense of space.
With thousands of ships passing through the main waterway each day,Black and White Wall Art the busy traffic signals the growing industry and manufacturing in the vicinity of edin in the Netherlands.
The calm river is dotted with galloping sails, giving the natural beauty of the Dutch water a tantalizing color.
It also contains the new charm of the river given by The Times.
The 17th century was dominated by sailing boats.
High masts and flowing sails dotted the wide river.
There are two sailing boats in the middle scene on the right,Contemporary Wall Art and a balance in composition with several sailing boats on the left, near the pier,


waiting to set sail.
The cargo on the left barge is clearly not finished loading and unloading.
The wind in the river is so strong that the water waves are frequently rippled and the sailing boats in the distance are scattered.

The horizon is so low that most of the sky is painted.
The rolling clouds seemed to follow the wind.
The painter grasps the colors of the river at this time of the year and controls the situation by leaching silver and grey toner into the deep brown.
The impression one gets from the painting is that the sun is covered by the storm clouds and the water is cold.
The spectators seemed to be able to hear the sound of water lapping against the advancing side of the ship.
The cold silver-green tones are the foundation of this feeling, and the mood is a little boiling.
This Dutch landscape has an inviting baroque quality.
The size of the painting is about 41 by 56 centimeters.


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