What plants are suitable for the kitchen

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The kitchen is a place for cooking, but also people in and out daily more frequently and stay longer, so need to keep the fresh air of the kitchen, so you can have a better comfort, smoke lampblack machine to purify the main equipment of the air the kitchen, and plants can also act as a supplementary role, and at the same time from the plant to give cooking at ease feeling on the vision.

It is worth mentioning is, if will suit the plant is put in the kitchen, still have the idea of flourishing wealth from geomantic Angle, or the view that attracts wealth, say here, everybody can be more concerned about what plant is put in the kitchen good
One, the plant that the kitchen can put
1, condole orchid or green luo have adsorption kitchen peculiar smell and the action of lampblack, so these two kinds of plants are ok purify kitchen air, at the same time their exterior is very good, can add color for kitchen whole environment not little.

2, in addition to the green plants thought, other colors of flowers, too, can put in the kitchen from feng shui terms, if you place the east to the kitchen, then advised to choose a red flower, if in the west, the red flower is most appropriate, if it is north, then orange is the best choice, south to the green plant are best.

Arrange the plants this way
A lot of people compare like conifer kind plant, because its daily not without often water and do, put its to the kitchen is very unwise practice actually, because its more easy to injure a person, can cause by accident tie up or scratch, tell from geomantic Angle at the same time, its still can bring about the appearance of the bad consequence such as family illness, money runs away.

Above introduced the plant that the kitchen can put and taboo put a plant, presumably these content are right everybody's help not small, before reading this article thoroughly, probably had a lot of people to put the wrong plant in the kitchen, want to correct as soon as possible below.

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Tell green luo or condole orchid to be in actually south azimuth is the most right choice, not only have prosperous wealth to collect money to say, at the same time its can adsorb the peculiar smell inside the kitchen effectively and harmful gas, this also is having positive sense to cook health, and its beautiful degree is very tall, adornment effect is right.


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