The importance of decorative painting to modern life

The development of modern decorative art is inseparable from the background of world culture and regional culture.Modern people demand more and more high levels of living space, and the application of decorative painting has become a
kind of fashion decorative painting to create a warm, serious, lively, relaxed and other atmosphere for living space.Make the habitant can feel these atmosphere brought by adornment picture so as to satisfy spiritual and spiritual

Decorative painting in modern life to beautify the environment, reflect the character of a form of expression
As a work of art, decorative painting is the most close to people's life, a bridge between people and the communication between people and art, and a modern pursuit of life. Decorative painting should reflect the positive, bright and

optimistic attitude of modern life.From ancient times to modern times, the decorative painting in each historical period has different subjects such as the life of the religious auspicious fantasy.There is no argument about which art  form adds an artistic flavor to modern life.

Sitting room serves as household main activity place, it is the most conspicuous place in every family, have the mission that connects inside and outside, communicate guest advocate.The adornment picture that suspends in the sitting

room, its theme, tonal, style even match frame to should be united with the furniture inside hall and decorate photograph.On the advocate metope of the sitting room can place a large ruler work that has intense visual impact effect

normally, have the effect of interpretation and sublimation to whole space.Its artistic level is higher, cultural connotation is deeper, can reveal master connotation grade more.The bedroom of a lot of contemporary and contracted style

suits to match very much go up without frame picture, because the way of free expression of without frame picture unrestrained and free, tie-in and contracted decorate a style to be perfect simply, a lot of it is this kind of work inside

artistic work, very contemporary and a bit recreational, become naturally, add a lot of wonderful interest to the sitting room.
In modern life, the living room is the most striking place in every family.Consequently, the adornment picture inside the sitting room is with adornment for main purpose, the key adornment that is sitting room fresco, form interior

vision center, become the main component of indoor environment art.The adornment picture of the sitting room can reflect the interest of host that occupy the home from whole, it is the flank of master identity, position and individual

character is reflected.It mostly takes the home owner's aesthetic consciousness as the starting point, manifests the home culture's main body request, displays the individual unique esthetics artistic conception and the form.Accordingly,

in colour and figure respect, domestic host is about to expend idea one time.And green and white, often make the mass-tone attune of dining-room, cause relaxed, fresh, beautiful, the atmosphere that makes a person look relaxed and

happy.In a word, the soft picture color, the figure that abounds appetite, can let a person loosen, make nerve restore as soon as possible happy state, make an appetite to open greatly thereby.The study is the direct show that occupies

the home host individual character, it is to accomplish individual survival goal to be short of one cannot "soft space".Through the color, modeling, image and artistic processing of decorative painting, the symbolic meaning of decorative

painting flowers is also exquisite, such as the color of incense smoke (purple) representing endless love and favorite;Tulips (white) represent pure feeling and purity.Tulips (powder) represent beauty, love and happiness.Tulips (red)

represent love confession, joy;Tulips (yellow) represent nobility, value, and wealth.Decorative paintings are more focused on the picture layout of works, color matching and theme artistic conception. That is to say, based on its special

purpose of decoration, decorative paintings require a more harmonious and complete picture layout, sharp contrast in color and brightness, elegant artistic conception and positive theme
Adornment colour is the most active, the visual element that has wallop most, it has special position in domain of adornment art.The physical properties of color determine that the visual impact of modern people is far stronger than

lines and graphics, and therefore more artistic appeal.People grow up in the modern civilization, the first contact is not the nature, but the housing construction, furniture, toys, appliances such as articles for daily use of folk

customs, people's sense of color is initially by the first contact with these articles for daily use of color in culture, so people for natural color and decoration color has some kind of the most sensitive intuition, and gradually

developed into modern colour aesthetic and standard, in imperceptible always formed many color values.Decorative painting has been deeply involved in every aspect of modern life, color and color is crucial to the composition of

decorative painting, to attract, motivate and mobilize modern emotions.


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