Contemporary Wall Art In the Living Room

Oriental rugs are a stalwart of the living room, study and den. contemporary wall art It's a look I really like, (heck, my own family room has one! ), but in less likely environs, the rugs are similarly if not more compelling. Consider throwing a rich rug of reds and blues down in the kitchen, bedroom, however, bathroom, for a classic try an unexpected setting.

one. Oriental rugs are godsends for heavily trafficked areas; contemporary wall art the rich colors and intricate patterns make them great at hiding unsightly stains.
2. Light walls open up up this small visitor bedroom, while the area rug grounds the space and sets the color colour scheme.
3. Switch out a uninteresting bath mat in favor of something with a little more weight and personality.
4. Notice the number of of these rooms pair the area rugs with bright white? This cools down the rugs' tones and make for a more modern aesthetic.
5. 3'x5' and 2'x3' oriental rugs can often be found for a song. Make use of a few of them to cover the flooring of halls, entryways, and other connecting spaces which have a more irregular design.
6. I'm using the phrase "oriental rug" in the broadest sense of the term, including Local rugs (made in Iran), kilims and other tribal varieties.
7. Here, a kilim looks eclectically wonderful juxtaposed against modern eating chairs.
8. Use two around the island in a kitchen...


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